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We believe in the <strong>power of imagination and innovative thinking!</strong>

We believe in the power of imagination and innovative thinking!

Kodes is a leading digital marketing and software agency that contributes to the success of businesses by providing innovative and unique digital solutions. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals and to make their success permanent. In this direction, we offer our services with strong strategies and impressive projects.

As Kodes, our services include web design, web and mobile application development, social media management, SEO , SEM, content marketing, brand management and digital marketing campaigns. With our services that enable businesses to have a strong presence and competitive advantage in the digital world, we contribute to strengthening customer loyalty and being a leader in the industry.

Our creative and experienced team carefully analyzes each client's needs and goals and develops customized strategies accordingly. We offer agile and flexible solutions to achieve sustainable growth, increase the efficiency of businesses and realize digital transformation. We also focus on collaborative growth by delivering unique user experiences and increasing brand value

Kodes works with an understanding that adopts customer satisfaction as its primary goal and acts in cooperation with the customer from the beginning to the end of the projects. We continue to work with innovative and creative ideas continuously to help businesses reach their goals and reveal their potential.

Work with Kodes to lock on success, achieve your goals and make a difference in the digital world. We help you unleash your creativity and potential by providing key solutions to the success of your business. Achieve success with Kodes and rise to leadership in your industry!


We are Customer Focused

Customer satisfaction is the most fundamental and critical value for our business. Therefore, we strive to understand our customers' needs and exceed their expectations by offering innovative, high-quality products and services and continuously improving our customer experience.


Our priority is Quality

We constantly improve our product and service quality to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level and be at the forefront in the industry by utilizing innovative technologies.


We Embrace Transparency

We Strongly Believe in the Importance of Transparency, Understanding the Vital Role of Trust in Building Strong Relationships. Therefore, We Aim to Always be Open and Honest in all Communication and Decision-Making Processes, Embracing This Principle in All That We Do.


Continuous Improvement

We believe that there is always room for growth and that every challenge presents an opportunity for us to become better. This belief drives us to strive for excellence in all of our work and to continuously improve ourselves and our business.

Change your experiences with the right communication tools.

Although humanity has left behind 300,000 years of history, the biggest leap of the past hundred years has been the ease of communication. Today, software plays this role in every aspect of our lives. Even if we continue to take note of each person who enters Kodes, the business world requires 24/7 digital data that is accessible. That is why we develop software projects that will accompany you to your goal; we produce professional solutions that support your operation.

We don't copy software with changes to fit your expectations; we ensure that it works for your target market and success. In all of our services, such as corporate website, e-commerce, web service, automation systems, we think outside of the box and can make bold moves that establish new standards.

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