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  • Customer
    • Ankon Çelik
  • Services
    • Web Design
    • Web Software
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • Publication Date
    • July 2024
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AnkonÇelik Web Design, Web Software and Search Engine Optimization

In the comprehensive project we carried out to increase AnkonÇelik's presence and competitiveness in the digital world, we offered web design, web software and search engine optimization (SEO) services. In this project, each step aimed to consolidate AnkonÇelik's leading position in the sector and strengthen its presence in the digital world.

Web Design and Web Software

We have prepared a modern and user-friendly web design that best reflects AnkonÇelik's brand identity. In this design, we included a unique logo and visual elements that highlight the corporate identity. We made the site structure simple and accessible so that visitors can quickly and easily obtain information about the services offered by AnkonÇelik. Additionally, during the web software development process, we attached great importance to making the site fast, reliable and easy to manage. By ensuring mobile compatibility, we aimed to provide an excellent user experience on different devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We carried out comprehensive SEO studies to increase AnkonÇelik's digital visibility. First, we analyzed the SEO performances of competitors in the industry and determined the most used keywords and content strategies. In line with this information, we optimized AnkonÇelik's SEO strategies.

Main Stages of SEO Studies:

  • Keyword Research: We determined the most searched keywords in the industry and created original and valuable content containing these words.

  • On-Site SEO: We updated the on-site SEO elements such as title, meta description, URL structure and visual optimization on AnkonÇelik's website, making it search engine friendly.

  • Backlink Strategies: We increased the authority of AnkonÇelik's website by getting backlinks from reliable and high authority sites.

Thanks to these comprehensive web design, software and SEO studies, we are pleased to contribute to the company's achievement of its goals by increasing AnkonÇelik's competitiveness in the digital world.

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