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Unilever Elidor Billboard Project

The graphic design and billboard design projects we carried out for Unilever Elidor helped the brand create a strong and impressive visual identity. These works were used as an important marketing tool that strengthened Elidor's brand image and helped it reach its target audience.

During the graphic design process, we created striking and functional visuals that visually reflected Elidor's values and product varieties. These visuals were used to effectively promote the brand's hair care products and attract consumers' attention.

In the billboard design section, we developed original and impressive designs for large format advertising areas located in highly trafficked areas in cities. These billboards helped Elidor communicate effectively with its target audience and increase the brand's recognition and product popularity.

With the successful graphic and billboard design works we completed for Unilever Elidor, we made an important contribution to the brand's marketing goals. We proudly present this project as a reference on our website and eagerly look forward to supporting Elidor's future successes.

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