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  • Customer
    • Ganyan
  • Services
    • E-commerce Software
    • Web Design
    • Web Development
    • Book Cover Design
  • Publication Date
    • July 2020
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Ganyan Web Design, Development, and Graphic Work

In the successful and comprehensive digital transformation project we carried out for Ganyan, we completed the following tasks:

E-commerce Software: We developed an effective, user-friendly, and secure e-commerce software that showcases Ganyan's products and services. This software provides customers with a fast and reliable shopping experience.

Web Design: We created a unique and appealing design for the Ganyan website that captures the attention of visitors and reflects the brand's image.

Web Development: To strengthen Ganyan's digital presence, we developed a reliable, fast, and easy-to-manage web development solution. This allows site administrators to easily manage and update the website.

Book Cover Design: We created captivating and impactful book cover designs for the At Yarışı book, ensuring that the works look stunning and impressive in both physical and digital formats.

Our Business Development Processes

Information Exchange: We conducted extensive information exchange regarding the project's objectives, target users, and content.
Planning Phase: We determined the structure of the website and the technologies to be used.
Web Design: UI/UX designs were created based on how users would experience and interact with the site.
Development: Front-end and back-end coding processes were completed.
Review and Deployment: A general review was conducted on the site, errors were rectified, and the site was launched.

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