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Nescafe Outdoor Billboard Design Project

The "Night and Day Brings You Wins" lottery campaign we conducted for Nescafé is a successful marketing campaign that presents the brand's delicious and aromatic coffee products with impressive and eye-catching visuals. In this project, we aimed to attract customers' attention and strengthen brand loyalty with two BMW car lotteries.

During the graphic design process, we created modern and dynamic visuals that emphasize the features of Nescafé's coffee varieties and the excitement of the lottery. These visuals highlight the different coffee experiences the brand offers to customers, while emphasizing quality and passion.

In poster and billboard design work, we developed compelling and memorable designs that will be used in advertising panels and locations located in strategic points of the city. These designs have increased the popularity of Nescafé's coffee products and awareness of the lottery campaign, while establishing a strong connection with the brand's target audience.

With the "Night and Day Brings You Wins" lottery campaign, which was successfully completed for Nescafé, we have carried out important marketing activities that support the brand's leading position in the coffee industry.

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