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  • Customer
    • Ortolog Medikal
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    • Web Design
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  • Publication Date
    • February 2024
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Corporate Website for Ortolog Medikal

We completed the following steps in the web design and software project we carried out for Ortolog Medikal:

Web Design: We created a modern and user-friendly web design that reflects the professional and reliable image of Ortolog Medikal. While this design provides visitors with quick and easy access to the medical products and services offered by the company, it is also supported by visual elements that emphasize the brand identity.

Web Software: We have developed a fast, reliable and user-friendly web software so that Ortolog Medikal can have a strong presence on digital platforms. This software allows business owners to easily manage and update their website while providing visitors with an uninterrupted experience.

We are proud to strengthen Ortolog Medikal's presence in the digital world and contribute to the success of the business.

Business Development and Information Acquisition Processes

Information Exchange: Detailed information was exchanged about the project objectives, target audience and content.

Technology: The structure of the website and the technologies to be used were determined.

Graphic Design: User experience was optimized by making UI/UX designs.

Web Software: Front-end and back-end coding processes have been completed.

Publication Process: The website was launched after a general check and error corrections.

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