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  • Publication Date
    • May 2021
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Armas Electronics Digital Transformation Project

The successful work we have accomplished for Armas Electronics' website is a testament to the professional services we provide in the fields of digital marketing and web development. Here is a summary of the work we completed in this project:

Web Design and Development: We created a customized web design for Armas. This user-friendly and modern design enriches the company's services, products, and mission with visual and content elements. In terms of development, we built a robust and secure system. This infrastructure ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of the website while allowing administrators to easily manage content and structure.

Social Media: We also provided services in Armas' social media strategy and management. We produced unique and engaging content to enhance interaction with the company's target audience, strengthen brand awareness, and reach potential customers. As a result, we achieved growth and engagement on Armas' social media channels.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): We developed an effective SEO strategy for the Armas website. By analyzing internal and external SEO factors, we optimized the content and made technical adjustments to improve the website's search engine ranking and visibility. These efforts led to an increase in organic traffic and the number of potential customers for Armas.

International SEO Project

We made intensive efforts to enhance Armas' international accessibility and reach a broader audience worldwide.

As part of this project, we conducted comprehensive research and analysis to ensure the website's higher rankings on search engines. We optimized our content by identifying appropriate keywords for international markets and focused on capturing the interest of the targeted audience.

In addition, we made technical improvements to ensure the website's compatibility with local and international SEO standards. We took important steps such as improving page speed, enhancing mobile compatibility, and utilizing correct meta tags.

As a result of these efforts, we observed a significant increase in organic search results on an international scale for our website. We now reach visitors from more countries and contribute to establishing Armas' global recognition.

The work we successfully completed in this project has strengthened Armas' presence in the digital world and enabled the company to effectively reach its target audience.

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