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  • Customer
    • CMYK Reklam
  • Services
    • Web Design
    • Web Development
    • SEO
    • Social Media Management
  • Publication Date
    • February 2022
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CMYK Reklam Web Design and SEO Project

As part of the successful and comprehensive digital marketing project we carried out for CMYK Reklam, we completed the following tasks:

Web Design: We created a user-friendly web design that reflects CMYK Reklam's position and brand value in the industry. This design enables visitors to easily obtain information about the services and products offered by CMYK Reklam and establish communication.

Web Development: To strengthen the online presence of the business, we developed a robust, fast, and secure web software. This software makes it extremely easy and efficient for business owners to manage and update the website.

SEO Work: We implemented an effective SEO strategy to increase CMYK Reklam's online visibility and reach a wider audience. As a result, the website achieved higher rankings in search engines.

Social Media Management: By managing the brand's social media accounts, we increased engagement and the number of followers. This helped reach potential customers more effectively and contributed to increasing the company's revenue.

The success we achieved in this project is a significant example of the professional and high-quality services we provide. We are delighted to contribute to the digital success of CMYK Reklam through our collaboration.

Business Development Process

Information Gathering: We collected information regarding the project's objectives, target users, and content.
Strategy Determination: We selected the website's structure and technologies to be used.
User Experience Design: UI/UX designs were created, considering the habits and interactions of users visiting the site.
Web Design: Front-end and back-end coding were implemented.
Deployment: Issues on the site were identified, resolved, and the site was launched.

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